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World of Keiko 03/05/2014

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As some of you have noticed, I haven’t posted much over the past three months. Yes, I have been slack. Christmas was surprisingly relaxed, with hubby and I preparing our first Christmas dinner with his family accompanied by some Saturday Night Live episodes and the first of the new Star Trek movies. It was a good time and we both learned some new recipes from my mother-in-law. Tasty noms!

In other news, I haven’t written in ages. I keep mulling over a plot problem for one book idea and it has led to me not writing at all. I am not particularly worried as I believe that I am close to a solution to the problem. Here’s hoping another problem doesn’t crop up and that my efforts in problem-solving so far can produce a more logical and enjoyable book.

I have been primarily playing Marvel Heroes of late, with nearly a full roster of heroes due to farming eternity splinters. My most recent random hero box gave me Nightcrawler, but I haven’t played him yet due to focusing on leveling Ms. Marvel. Yes, I do enjoy playing her.  No, I will not give you my account. Make an account, install the game, play it and purchase some STASH slots to support Gazillion. The recent content has offered lots of shiny things for players and most weekends there is some sort of promotion. Best of all, they don’t focus on one country. For example, there was an Australia Day weekend, a Mardi Gras weekend and a week for Chinese New Year. It has this multicultural appeal that I really dig! For those interested, the MAC version of Marvel Heroes is currently in beta testing. Head on over to the website for more information.
I purchased quite a few new games on steam over the past few months. These treasures include Trine, Trine 2, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. These four were available in a bundle for a kickass special during Christmas, but are currently available for around the same special if anyone is interested in adding a few new titles to their games library. There is a bunch of other great games on special at Steam currently as well, such as Need for Speed: Shift and Medal of Honor for $4.99 each. I probably wont be purchasing any new games for a bit unless there are some decent specials for some of the games remaining on my wishlist or until I have put some more time in on playing some of the games library titles that I haven’t as yet played.

My right ankle is still healing, but I’ve been doing some strengthening work on it via our spin bike. I am really glad that we have the spin bike as it allows me to watch some lectures while exercising. It is surprisingly enjoyable.

I put study on hold for two months around Christmas, but I am now back in the full swing of things. I finished a MOOC last week and posted the review a few minutes before I started typing this entry. Inside Cancer was pretty freaking awesome. I had to drop a few courses I mistakenly enrolled in before Christmas and would have started around this time, but feel really good about the coursework that I am currently studying:

As you might have noted, I am enrolled in some courses from different fields. It is my goal to be well-read and well-informed so that I can offer informed dialogue in a variety of subjects or at least be able to follow conversations on certain subject matter. I’d also like to be educated so that if hubby and I start a family I can facilitate the learning process. And if I gain mastery over certain subject matter, it might improve employment opportunities.
I have a few other courses starting soon, but should be able to deal with the workload due to at two of my current courses finishing soon.


That is all of the news that I can think of at present. I am going to grab a quick before chores, study and exercise. After that, Marvel Heroes and/or some other game/s.


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