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MOOC Review: Vaccines

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Provider: Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania at Coursera [course page]
Lecturer: Paul A. Offit, MD
Subject: Science / Medicine / Pathology + Immunology
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Completion Date: 11/05/2013 (began 09/03/2013)

Description: Paul Offit begins with a history of vaccines before going into detail on the issues (and misinformation) surrounding vaccines. He imparts his knowledge of vaccines using case studies and offering some knowledge on the structure of certain diseases.

Strengths: Paul Offit delivers this MOOC in a fast enough pace that you learn a lot of information in a short period of time. He makes the material accessible by offering relevance and with a noticeable amount of passion. This passion is something that imparts easily on students such as myself. His arguments are logical, and are grounded in real science and history.

Weaknesses: I didn’t notice any weaknesses with this course.

Conclusion: I completed this course knowing a LOT more than when I went in. It also helped brush up on some high school science. The course is relevant and is quite engaging. I recommend this course for individuals looking for an understanding of the work that goes into creating vaccines as well as the issues surrounding the science.


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