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Camels on Parade… Sort of…

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Some of you have likely heard me mention that I live several blocks away from paddock where some camels used to tourist rides along the beach near The Pines in Hervey, Queensland reside. Well, on the way home from gathering some pictures for the first assignment for the Coursera MOOC “The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators“, I decided to take a different route from normal, and ended up walking past the paddock where these camels reside. Hubby and I often see kangaroos in there as well whenever we drive past.

There be camels in that there paddock!

There be camels in that there paddock!

I’ve always been fascinated by camels. This is a little odd given that I’ve ridden or patted one. There is something so appealing about these strange-looking and occasionally spitting creatures. They aren’t particularly attractive animals, with eyebrows that make them appear as if they are constantly questioning everything around them. And like all livestock, they tend to be smelly.

But one-humped camels are creatures tied to Australian history through their use by explorers of this nation. They are resilient, lasting for a long time without regular supplies of water. Camels are so well-adapted to our conditions, that the descendants of escapees have multiplied within central Australia. They’ve been so successful that people make money rounding them up and shipping them overseas.

Towards the end of my brief visit to the fence near the paddock, I called out to some camels. One ignored me, while the other looked up and decided to walk my way. This camel ended up taking brief stops to munch on clumps of grass as I moved towards me. Camels can be somewhat quick when they want to be, but this one wasn’t in any particular rush.

Did somebody call my name?

Did somebody call my name?

Yep, I am sure this human is calling me over.

Yep, I am sure this human is calling me over.

The camel, that I have dubbed “Larry” for ease of reference, stopped near the fence and started munching on some juicier clumps of grass. I decided to try out youtube’s Capture app for iPad for filming this rather neat creature doing its thing. After I stopped filming, Larry wandered back to his buddy from earlier and some other camel that had joined it.

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