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MOOC Review: Concepts in Game Development

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screenshot of an early phase of developement o...

screenshot of an early phase of developement of Battle for Mandicor v 0.0.5, really ugly graphics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Provider: Open 2 Study (Australia) [course page]
Lecturer: Dr Clinton Woodward
Subject: Computer Science
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Completion Date: 10/01/2013

Description: Concepts in Game Development explores the game development process without focusing on a specific programming language as Game Development requires different roles.

Strengths: I found this course to be quite interesting as it pertained to my recent interest to learn programming. Dr Woodward is a rather personable chap that was able to convey much of the subject matter using computer simulations and through his very neat cartoons. He covered things that I’d heard of but never really understood in any detail until he explained them. He doesn’t baby the student either. He manages to instill further interest in the subject as well, encouraging students to learn more about computer science and game development.

Weaknesses: I found no weaknesses for the course.

Conclusion: Though this course doesn’t cover programming languages, it sets the stage for further study in the subject. I found myself genuinely engaged in the material, and using the suggested readings to offer further information on game development. Though I know of a few of the concepts going in, I found myself leaving the course with a lot more knowledge and insight in the subject matter that is relevant to non-entertainment based software as well.


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One thought on “MOOC Review: Concepts in Game Development

  1. Good introduction to both game development and j2me overview and programming. Good examples you can relate to.

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