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MOOC Review: Understanding the Origins of Crime

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Provider: Open 2 Study (Australia) [course page]
Lecturer: Aaron Sell
Subject: Biology / Criminology
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Completion Date: 08/27/2013 

Description: Aaron Sell discusses the biological elements of criminal behavior, offering numerous examples of behavioral studies of various cultures throughout the world and those of the long passed based on observation and other research.

Strengths: Aaron Sell delivers the information with relevance to a modern western inhabitant. He doesn’t make any assumptions about the existing knowledge of students, offering up intelligent arguments regarding the role that biological foundations of human behaviour often play in criminal behaviour. His voice is strong and confident, manner conversational.
Weaknesses: His comb-over is mildly distracting. There were some participants that became rather heated over some studies that were deemed politically incorrect. This wasn’t an issue for me, but it obviously was for other people.

Conclusion: Aaron Sell delivers this rather interesting multi-disciplinary take on criminology with ease and purpose. I came out of the four modules more knowledgeable than when I enrolled. I recommend that folks enroll in Foundations of Psychology and Becoming Human: Anthropology at Open 2 Study as well.

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