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MOOC Review: Becoming Human

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Provider: Open 2 Study (Australia) [course page]

English: This is a recreated vector image in S...

English: This is a recreated vector image in SVG. The original “Human_evolution_scheme.png” was made by José-Manuel Benitos. The following was stated by the original author: “Simplified scheme of human evolution, it does not try to be trustworthy, but a symbol of this process” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lecturer: Greg Downey
Subject: Biology / Anthropology
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Completion Date: 08/28/2013

Description: Greg Downey gives an introduction into evolutionary science as it pertains to our species.

Strengths: Greg Downey is conversational in his teaching of this rather fascinating subject matter by way of images and discussion of case studies. He uses a multidisciplinary approach, offering some insight offered by Anthropology. By the end of this rollercoaster journey into human evolution, we are brought to presentation, where he asks us to consider what sort of modern day selection pressures are in place and providing us some examples of changes in human evolution in the past hundred years.
Weaknesses: None. The information was right on point throughout.

Conclusion: I never applied myself during high school Biology, but the way that Greg Downey teaches this subject has personalized it for me because I am a human. It is a rather effective method and is coupled by his personable manner. I highly recommend that anyone looking for another perspective on evolution or don’t know anything about the subject to beging with to enroll for upcoming intakes.
For those interested, Greg Downey has released a free interactive book that accompanies the series as an iTunes iBook, with numerous other formats of the material to be released soon. It is entitled Becoming Human. [Becoming Human iBook]


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