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World of Keiko 08/27/2013

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As the folks that follow me on twitter and facebook are likely aware, I’ve been studying some massively open online courses (MOOC) of late. It was a lot less daunting than I initially thought it would be, which I believe is on account of the delivery methods used for most MOOCs.  Though there is some variation on content and assessment style, my experiences so far have been quite positive.
My initial goal was to get into the habit of studying everyday. This has resulted in my getting up at a reasonable time each day, eating regularly, and working on study skills such as effective note-taking. Now that I’ve settled in for the long haul, I have further goals that will enable me to improve my storytelling skills and also provide me some other skills that will hopefully help me earn money for the household until I can make money from my writing.

  • Programming: I have wanted to learn programming for a while now, and there are a lot of places online to learn how to code free of charge. If I can master some programming languages, I should be able to earn some money with it. And money allows me pursue other goals.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics will lay the groundwork for learning programming. Given that I was a slacker in high school, I have a lot to learn and quite a bit of refreshing to do. Mathematics will also with my study of other sciences.
  • Science: Sciences beyond Mathematics offer some rather cool insight into the world as a whole. If I plan to write authentic science fiction, I will need to understand more scientific theory and practice. Being able to avoid mistakes should help with flow as well.
  • Humanities: This includes History, the Arts, Philosophy and stuff that will help add flavor to stories and encourage the flow of ideas.

I am currently enrolled in courses at Coursera, EdX, Open 2 Study, Udacity, Udemy, Iversity, Open Learning Initiative, and Saylor Foundation.

Course suggestions:

  • The Ancient Greeks @Coursera: Covers classical Greek poetry and prose to gain an understanding of Ancient Greek culture. Begins September 2nd.
  • The Ancient Greek Hero @EdX: This course discusses the nature of the classical Greek hero. Begins September 3rd.
  • Introduction to Logic @Coursera: As the name suggests, this course discusses logic. Begins September 30th.
  • Argument Diagramming @Open Learning Initiative: Asynchronous self-paced course that explains how to use flowcharts to organize your argument.
  • Introduction to Philosophy @Coursera: This course discusses philosophical thought and how philosophy has shaped civilizations throughout history. Begins October 14th.
  • Plagues, Witches and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction @Coursera: The course discusses historical fiction, giving us insight into the world that the books were written. Begins October 17.
  • The Future of Storytelling @iVersity: This course discusses the mechanics of storytelling that cross into many other disciplines. Begins October 25th.

In lieu of this focus on education, I have placed most writing projects on hold. I believe that technical writing may actually help with my writing process, with the course readings offering some further inspiration. I would like to point out that I am working on short stories periodically as a means to keep my fiction writing skills and will be sure to add to notebooks and wikis whenever I have a good idea.

I halted my World of Warcraft subscription over a month ago. I wasn’t played the game anymore, choosing to play games such as Civilization 5 instead. I did eye off a copy of RPG Maker on Steam (US), but regretfully didn’t take advantage of a special several weeks ago. I am kicking myself over that, but I suppose I still have some programming to learn before it will be relevant.

My hubby and I got a new spin bike last week. Boy, that thing is sweet as! Within ten minutes of my first session on it, I was covered in sweat. Five minutes later, sweat was beginning to drip from my nose. I can certainly see that we will go through towels quickly with this wonderful Vortex V-800.
I joined a runners group that meets on Wednesday afternoons. Sadly, I have only managed to attend one meeting so far. I do talk to the group regularly on Facebook though, and they are an awesome bunch of people that are heavily motivated.
I received a brand spanking new copy of the YA book Angel of Fire by Wendy Milton in the mail today. I love the smell of fresh print! That cover is beautifully illustrated, with artwork throughout the book. I took time out to message the author on Goodreads to let her know that it arrived and to thank her for sending it in the first place.
I have decided to start reviewing my MOOCs as I finish them. I posted the first review earlier today, and have a few more to post. This includes several more from Open 2 Study and a course from Coursera.
My mouth suffered some injuries while eating several days ago. The right side of my mouth is giving me grief on top of a nasty ulcer. I seriously need to deal with the gaping hole in one tooth in particular.

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