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MOOC Review: User Experience for the Web (WebUX)

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Provider: Open 2 Study (Australia) [course page]
Lecturer: Amir Ansari
Subject: Computers / Communications / Design
Delivery: Self-paced Synchronous study
Completion Date: 08/23/2013

Description: Amir Ansari discusses website design in regard to user experience. He offers various tips and techniques for effecting this end goal of creating a website that is accessible to users and relevant to content owners.

Strengths: Amir Ansari has years of experience as UX web design under his belt. He delivers the material is a conversational and thought-provoking manner, offering suggestions rather than hard set rules for engagement of a project. He reminds the viewer time and again that not all projects will be the same and that the UX designer must individualize their project to meet the needs of the user of that content. He also reminds us that the designer must bring in the client early in the project so that they understand your reasoning behind certain ideas.
Weaknesses: None.

Conclusion: Amir Ansari delivers some rather interesting subject matter, allowing viewers some insight into the design process for small and large websites alike. It was engaging and enlightening, with me completing the course with a lot more understanding of what goes into professional website design layout than simply copying and pasting content from a word document.

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