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Keiko Writing 08/04/2013

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Its been a while since I posted anything about my writing. I’ve been wary to do so because it feels like a bit of jinx and I don’t want to let people down by making promises that I fail to deliver upon. Its that little voice of doubt that hits me most days, giving rise to feelings of inadequacy and halting any momentum forward. It is a pesky little bugger whose words linger long after they are spoken.

Complain as I might about self-doubt, I have to admit that it is an obstacle that I will be forever plagued with. Self-confidence has its place, but having that little voice around should cause me to refine my debating skills instead of transform me into a blubbering idiot. I should be able to identify when its words have no validity as well as when I should actually examine what I’m writing and why.

Self-doubt sucks, but letting it control me is akin to creative death. I can’t let it be the boss anymore, and I need to push through the moments when it is keeping me from achieving my goals as not just a writer but as a person. And that is part of the strategy I am working on right now. I will try to avoid giving folks advice about writing until I have at least one book or short story out there. I don’t think that sharing a few links I found useful or telling you about what I am currently working on will hurt though.

Below are a few useful links:

What I currently have in the works:

  • Fire and Ice book 1: I am currently plotting this sucker and filling some of the gaps in the fantasy world setting. And yes, there is a heck of a lot of gaps in the world-building that need fixing before I get back to work on it.  [Fantasy / Action] World Setting: Lurra
  • Winged Dawn book 1: I have completed most of the fantasy world setting, plotting and have a good chunk of the first draft already down. I just need to get back to it. [Adult Fantasy / Adventure] World Setting: Currently un-named
  • Way of Magic book 1: This story was originally serialized as El Aquellare on my Eternus Divum blog a few years back. It needs a bit of work, but quite a bit of the foundation is laid. The main character is no longer a runt minotaur but a kinny human lad of around the same age. He is the reincarnation of a powerful arcane warrior travelling with a circus after what remains of his family are displaced due to war. [Dark Fantasy / Adventure] World Setting: Currently un-named
  • Desert Sky book 1: I have a lot of the character and world setting stuff fleshed out, but have to finish plotting this sucker. [Fantasy / Steampunk / Action] World Setting: Loquis

Before I make this post go live, I apologize to the many folks that are waiting on me to finish the likes of Elven Gunslinger. Its a rather huge project and I feel that there are way too many holes in the setting, plot and character backgrounds at present. I will get back to it, focusing on the novellas leading up to the timeframe that I introduced Lise with initially, but I feel that it will lay plenty of groundwork for the longer series. I suspect that the novellas will also effectively act as OVAs.



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