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Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western

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Cover of "Children of Rhatlan"

Cover of Children of Rhatlan

A few days back, I re-connected with author buddy Jonathan Fesmire [facebook, twitter, official website] on Facebook’s Interstitial Arts page.  Years ago, I befriended him after listening to his podiobooks version of the fantasy novel Children of Rhatlan [podiobooks, amazon (US)]. Jonathan Fesmire is a 3D, sketch and digital drawing artist currently residing in California, with four published fantasy novels under his belt.

Fesmire’s current project is Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western.  The project is now being crowd-sourced via a Kickstarter campaign. With twelve days to go, it is $1600 towards the $2000 target. With lots of cool offerings, everyone that pledges gets a nice reward for helping finance this sucker. A lot of work has already gone into the main characters and concept art (digital and otherwise), with many of the rewards allowing backers to play a part in some of the development process beyond the world-building and main plot, such as helping create cast members. e.g. a $200 pledge will allow folks to create one of the villains over a twenty minute skype chat. I highly recommend that you guys check out the kickstarter page as well as Jonathan Fesmire’s other creations.

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