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Music Review: We Are Poetry by Robert Kelly

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Genre: Indie / Folk / Pop-rock

Tracks: 10

Similar Artists: Mikey Wax, Sara Bareilles, Ben Rector, The Fray, Damien Rice, Brett Dennen, Andrew Belle

I’ve discovered a lot of great artists since the Noisetrade website went live several years ago and singer/songwriter Robert Kelly (Twitter, Facebook, Noisetrade) is no exception. His unique voice and folksy pop-rock tracks set himself apart from a marketplace bloated by bubble-wrapped tunes. They have a strong emotional element to them without being oppressive, with even the sadder songs offering hope to the heartbroken. You’ll also note a strong emphasis on the acoustic throughout.

We Are Poetry consists of 10 tracks that start with the rather smooth Be Here Now. This is followed by the playful title song We Are Poetry. The third track Standing Still is an gorgeous duet with the always awesome Gillian Edwards. (Yes, I am also a fan of her music.) The fifth track is the anthem Wild, a song that I can imagine a large crowd singing along to. The sixth track Only the Start reminds me oddly of Mikey Wax‘s Tell Me What To Say. And the 10th and final track is the passionate Pages.

Personally, I loved the entire album that will no doubt be played over and over again. The obvious storytelling elements work for me, with the acoustic adding that little bit extra. And its all delivered seamlessly with high quality recording. We Are Poetry is a must-have!

You can snag a digital copy via iTunes or a physical copy via the website along with merchandise such as T-Shirts.

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