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Anime Review: Sukitte Ii no yo


Other Name: Say I Love You!

Genre: Shoujo / Romance / Drama / Comedy (Light) / School Life

Language: Japanese Language: Japanese (English sub on Crunchyroll)

Episodes: 13

I first became familiar with the series by way of the manga. Though the two variations are somewhat close storyline-wise, the anime adaptation does have a few minor differences here and there. However, this doesn’t take away from the entertainment value of the series.


After being mistreated by children at her school when she was young, Mei Tachibana has become a loner that lacks the ability to trust other people. When a misunderstanding ends in her assaulting high school hunk and all-round nice guy Yamato Kurosawa, she is put on his radar. Sick of girls that are shallow and self-centered, he finds himself struck by the shy and socially scarred Mei. The series tells the story of their often drama-ridden romance filled with its share of at-times comical misunderstandings.


As some of you already know, I have a fascination with shoujo romance. There are quite a few poor examples, but thankfully Sukitte Ii no yo was a joy to watch. I genuinely cared about the characters, with some of them starting out as competition for Yamato’s affections to eventually become one of Mei’s friend. e.g. Aiko Mutou

That being said, some folks might find the drama a bit tedious due to low attention spans. No, you won’t get immediate gratification with this one because it does try to reflect human relationships. Some of this is effected by misunderstandings on the part of Mei, who has absolutely no experience with real friendship let alone the rather romantic relationship she finds herself in with the rather persistent Yamato.

The dialogue had enough chaos to give it authenticity and give the cast definitive personalities. Don’t expect kind-hearted Yamato to let folks mess with his girlfriend either. A few scenes made me chuckle as he put one supposed friend in his place for hitting on Mei, and told a potential competitor to back off. Yep, he is a freaking awesome male lead. There was plenty of character growth on the part of Mei and some of the other characters, though Yamato has already fleshed out what sort of person he wants to be.

The issue of intimacy is something that came up numerous times during the series. In this series, it was touched on in a rather delicate but cute way. Unlike some other series I’ve prematurely stopped watching of late, this is not a soap opera nor does it contain rather bizarre out-of-leftfield assholery such as attempted rape to spur on the storyline. Nope the drama is affected with circumstances that are closer to real life than say a series such as Honey X Drops. (Yes, I did find the latter rather amusing, but for reason of the camp value)


In conclusion, Sukitte Ii no yo is a rather gentle shoujo romance. I loved the characters, each having traits that made them worthy of my time. I loved how well the chemistry between Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa played out as well, with the drama making sense because of who the characters were. The storyline played out nicely, delivering an ending that made me smile for pure joy. Did I mention that the series also has some really cute feline side characters in it as well? ❤


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2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Sukitte Ii no yo

  1. We’re not so sure it was ‘okay’ back when Mei thought Yamato was mad at him for pushing him away when he tried to get lovey-dovey, or when Yamato, possibly delirious, got worried Mei thought he was gross and got with Hayakawa instead. These two lovebirds still clearly have much to learn about handling their love for one another, but with help and support from their friends (Asami, Kenji, Aiko, Masashi and Kai all provide nice assists), they’ll doubtless muddle through just fine. They’re already in love with one another, after all. All the jealous sisters and dead batteries in the world won’t alter that fact.

    • The series foreshadows a happy ending for the characters after significant struggles on their part. You can genuinely like the MC’s and their friends, which makes the conclusion of the anime series (still haven’t finished the manga version) all the more satisfying. Feel free to recommend any other anime or manga series you think I might enjoy. I am always looking out for new series. I currently follow Naruto, Bleach, and Gintama but haven’t started One Piece as yet in spite of its popularity.

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