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Book Review: Infinity by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

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INFINITYINFINITY by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All that stands between a Demon invasion and a world abandoned by Heaven is the Church of Infinity. With their numbers being slaughtered by the Demon Vengeance it will take a miracle to save the Earth. So begins this bloody tale.
Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff weaves an action-packed supernatural thriller that pits the forces of Hell against a man that has sacrificed so much for the Church of Infinity. And they use it by way of a pure husk (provided courtesy of Heaven) possessed by a powerful Demon Assassin named Vengeance. We get to learn about the world by way of a figure with artificially-induced amnesia as well, allowing the reader to understand more about the rather f*cked up situation that the realm of Heaven has effectively left the Earth in.
Most folks will probably brush over the world-building elements, but these building blocks were essential to making the first installment in the is series as successful as it is. We see a Demonic magic system in place, a Demonic hierarchy, as well as two factions duking it out in what is deemed the inevitable war between the invading force that has manipulated a human race reliant upon the technology the Demons have strategically (and covertly) made available. We also get to meet Miki, the obedient angel that is stuck with the horrible job of perhaps bringing about the apocalypse by assisting the Demons in certain regards.
The language that the author uses has such character, each description with a tone and personality of its own. Each character has a unique voice, the spoken and non-spoken dialogue giving us plenty of insight into the motivations of each character in a timely fashion. The action sequences are at once chaotic and expertly played out, the idea that the combatant acts and reacts to their environment is shown time and time again. But don’t get too attached to the characters as the death toll in this sucker is quite high.
If you are looking for an action-packed supernatural thriller, then look no further than this first book in the Infinity series. This addictive book deliberately leaves a lot of stuff unresolved, making the second book a must-buy and I am perfectly fine with that because it is a bloody awesome read. With the world-building, descriptive, plot twists, poetic clues, dialogue, characterization and kick-ass action scenes make this book one hell of a read!

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