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Manga Review: Zettai Kareshi

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Absolute Boyfriend

Absolute Boyfriend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instalments: 33
Genre: Romance / Comedy / Drama / High School / Science Fiction
Source: Zettai Kareshi translation @MangaFox


Riiko Izawa is used to being rejected, but after finding a phone belonging to “cosplaying salesman” Gaku she is asked wants she wants as a reward. She blurts out that the only thing she really wants is a boyfriend and he promptly gives her a card to a peculiar website and warns her not to tell anyone about it. That evening she decides to check it out and begins clicking options randomly, never really thinking it will do anything. The following morning a large crate arrives with a handsome naked robot in it. After quickly checking the manual she gives him a kiss and he boots for the first time with Riiko as his master.

I really like the characters in this manga. The leading lady is a lot less whiny than some others, and adjust to the rather strange circumstance she is in. The odd love triangle between Night, Riiko and her childhood friend Soushi is believable and makes for some rather amusing and a few heartbreaking moments. We also get to learn the reason behind Riiko’s previous issue with repeated rejections.
The storyline flows easily and the writers make reference to manga cliches throughout adding to the general silliness of this series. The romantic elements were completely believable, making the inevitable conclusion that much more heart-rending. Even though you could see it coming, I did feel genuinely sad for Riiko. There is a bit of coarse language (nothing major) and some action sequences as well, which added a bit extra. The artwork was pretty sweet as well.

In conclusion, Zettai Kareshi is a great blend of romantic comedy and drama. The characters are adorable and the storyline solid. It doesn’t take itself too seriously even if there are a few serious moments. However, if you are allergic to girl germs then you probably won’t like the kissy bits. Did I mention that I liked it enough to finish it in a day?

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