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Anime Review: Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor

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Episodes: 12

Genre: Supernatural / Dark Future

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of watching the dark future anime series Darker Than Black. When I learned that there was a new story set in the same world, I jumped at the chance of watching it.  For those unaware, the series is set in a world where stars disappeared from the sky one day and there are numerous parties vying for control over powered individuals referred to as “Contractors”. This creates plenty of action and intrigue, with conspiracies rife throughout the original series.


While the previous series followed the Syndicate operative Hei around, this time it focuses on a Russian teen-aged girl named Suo. She is a twin whose father is a scientist working on a top secret project, while her contractor brother Shion sits in his secret room. She has a life, with a number of friends that she draws strength from. That is, until agents from multiple government agencies storm the household with plenty of gunpower and a few contractors that wield supernatural gifts.

Thus begins a rather dark adventure for the young protagonist, that must quickly adjust to having become a contractor herself. She has to negotiate her hatred of Hei for killing for father, the deaths of numerous loved ones, and learning that her life is a lie. It also tells some more of Hei’s story following the events of the previous series. His existence evolves a bit more as a result of his interaction with Suo and the return of Mao in flying squirrel form.


Though I loved some of the character development of this new series, it seemed that the writers didn’t take advantage of numerous opportunities. If the storyline had included what happened to the Yin character rather than relying on OVA’s to do this, this viewer wouldn’t have felt so out-of-the-loop as I did on some occasions. It almost felt a tribute to Darker Than Black. In conclusion, Gemini of the Meteor wasn’t as enjoyable as the original series relying heavily on other shows, but the flaws didn’t outweigh the strengths of the show.

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