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Anime Review: Sacred Blacksmith

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The Sacred Blacksmith

The Sacred Blacksmith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Genre: Fantasy / Action / Drama with comedic elements


Language: English with English subtitles


Episodes: 12


Sacred Blacksmith is a 12-part series focusing on Cecily Campbell, a knight of a free-trade city that is heir to a long line of knights. When her family sword is shattered during a fight with a crazed war veteran. Luke Ainsworth intervenes to save her life using the katana that he forged. He slams her fighting ability before walking home and blowing off a meeting with some high-ranking officials, but is encouraged by his companion Lisa to be nice to the girl that he saved. Faith shaken, Cecily is struck by how easily Luke’s sword cut through the former soldier and tracks him down to a property just outside of the city. After some amount of bugging, her request for him to forge her new sword is turned down flat and she leaves with the intention of wearing him down. However, she is waylaid by monsters on the way home and finds herself in the sights of their leader when he is transformed by a demon contract. Luke and Lisa come to rescue, bearing keeping Cecily alive before Luke vanquishes the newly created demon.

The events of the first two episodes are quite important to the rest of this series, as they set the mood of the story and introduce the main bad guy. The comedic elements and fanservice (mostly panty shots, occasional lechery and conversations relating to Cecily’s large breasts) smooth off the edges of what would otherwise be a rather dark story.There is strong character development over the span of the 12 episodes, without anything away from the rather cool action sequences. I loved the setting as well, a world rich in history and its share of secrets.

However, the last episode didn’t conclude things. With no sign of future installments even hinted at online, I feel more than a little annoyed because I feel emotionally invested in the lives of these characters. I want to see them succeed in taking out the big bad, but I may never see them win. Of course, if any of you guys have seen any talk about future installments then feel free to let me know because I love this show.

Final Score: 9/10 (unfinished)


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