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Review: Fuzzy Nation

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Fuzzy Nation
Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Last year, I heard that John Scalzi had come out with a new book, one paying tripping to H. Beam Piper’s classic Little Fuzzy. The main story is read by Wil Wheaton, with bonus content of Peter Ganim reading Little Fuzzy following soon after the final curtain falls on the main story. (N.B. You can purchase a separate copy of Peter Ganim’s reading through Audible as well.)
GIST: Fuzzy Nation
Soon after discovering the largest sunstone veins on the planet, contractor Jack Holloway learns that his treehouse compound has been broken into. When he arrives home, he finds a small cat-like creature has entered through an unlocked window. After his ex-scientist girlfriend studies them, she is convinced that they are a Sapient species, the Zarathustra Corporation move to stop the species from being classified as such to prevent their contract on the planet being revoked.
THOUGHTS: Fuzzy Nation
John Scalzi is one of my favorite authors, adding his own brand of humor to this science fiction drama. He adds in some rather quirky yet amusing dialogue, with the roguish main character at times brilliant and unlucky. No Pollyanna heroes here! The plot paced nicely, with that sense of urgency leading up to the conclusion of the story. As for Wil Wheaton’s reading, he did justice to Scalzi’s story.
GIST: Little Fuzzy
Jack Holloway has been prospecting on the planet Zarathustra for years. When drained swampland leads to an increase in the land-prawn population, it also brings with it Jack’s first contact with a small cat-like mammalian creature that he immediately refers to as a “Fuzzy”. He immediately notices how intelligent the creature that he’s dubbed “Little Fuzzy” is, but the magnitude of this interaction is felt when his new companion moves in his family. When the company gets wind of the discovery, they send in a team to tarnish the reputation of the old man and remove any chance of the creatures being deemed Sapient to protect their charter on the planet.
THOUGHTS: Little Fuzzy
Little Fuzzy was well-written by an author whose work I have recently taken an interest in. It is set in a future where spies are everywhere and nowhere, keeping tabs on all areas of the Zarathustra operation.
Wil Wheaton’s reading of Fuzzy Nation was awesome, but I can’t help but like listening to Peter Ganim’s reading of Little Fuzzy. These two actors did justice to two wonderful science fiction stories separated by generations. Well written, well read, and well worth the purchase!

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