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World of Keiko 06/05/2012

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It has been a few weeks since my last update. I was meaning to post earlier, but delayed it due to my birthday last week and several other happenings. I did receive a couple of wonderful books as presents, a kindle version of Infinity Rising Book 2 by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff (love the cover!) and a paperback version of Ave Judas by Cassian Brown (new book smell… *hugs book*).


The following is a list of the books I’ve read and reviewed since my last update:

  1. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (04/30/2012)
  2. The Call of the Wild by Jack London (05/04/2012)
  3. Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen (05/07/2012)
  4. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (05/11/2012)
  5. The Best Fantasy Stories of the Year, 1989 by Orson Scott Card (Editor) (05/21/2012)
  6. Contact by Carl Sagan (05/24/2012)
  7. Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain (05/30/2012)

The following books are on my reading list for June in planned order of :

  1. Fuzzy Nation (audiobook) by John Scalzi (I will finish this tomorrow morning, and move on to the Lit2Go audio version of The Prince by Nicollo Machiavelli while exercising]
  2. Baxter Mariah (paperback) by Cassian Brown
  3. Infinity Book 1 (kindle) by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
  4. The Precipice (paperback) by Virgina Duigan [challenge book for Miles Franklin portion of the Aussie Readers June Reading Challenge]
  5. Ave Judas (paperback) by Cassian Brown
  6. Infinity Book 2 by (kindle) Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
  7. The Prince (Lit2Go audio) by Nicollo Machiavelli
  8. Tales of Terror & Mystery (Lit2Go) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [challenge book for classic books portion of the Aussie Readers June Reading Challenge]

Yep, I have 8 books on my reading list this month. I will be listening to the audiobooks while exercising, which will free up my non-exercise and chores time for reading ebooks and paper editions. I guess we’ll see how successful I am with knocking off the titles in this list by the time that July comes around. Either way, I have some awesome books lined up for the rest of the month. ❤


I’ve spent the last month world-building, fleshing out characters and working on the plot on some stories set on a fantasy world called Lurra. Its been a worthy endeavor, during which I have developed a rather unusual religious from previous settings. It still need quite a bit of work, but I am quite happy with the progress so far. I wanted a world that could stand on its own and I think I am on the right track. Fingers crossed!

Last week, I started thinking of some old manuscripts I worked on early last year.

  1. Artemis Chronicles: The story about an elven warrior dimension-shifted to a high science space-faring setting.
  2. SAL35-XJ7: The story of a baby mutated while in the womb of her scientist parents.
Their origins are lost in the annals of time, but they both have strong foundations which I intend to build upon in the not-so-distant time. Someone once gave me the following advice: Never delete or throw out a manuscript! It was great advice, as I am seeing the virtues offered by reading old ideas. You can refine and reuse ideas, consolidate and merging otherwise dormant elements to create a living and breathing world. Looking at the amount of files within the folders and sub-folders of my writing folder, I have a lot more work to do.
On Sunday, I decided to take a one week break from Lurra to give myself a bit of distance. On Monday, I got 2.5 k in on a series called Lion’s Head. The female protagonist is a telekinetic, but I haven’t decided if the source is supernatural or superhuman in nature. This piece of info will determine if the story is Urban Fantasy or a Superhero action/drama. I have some things that I know already:
  • The female protagonist, Lyndal, reveals her telekinetic powers to her boyfriend after he gives her an ultimatum during her attempt to break up with him
  • Brian, Lyndal’s boyfriend, betrays her to the organization that he works for, one that he mistakenly believes has moral inclinations
  • Lion’s Head is an low budget organization working against the organization that Brian works for. They have several teams that intercept targets charged with capture by the Company
  • Our male protagonist, Sam Peterson, works for Lion’s Head. He has difficulty maintaining long-term relationships for numerous reasons, but he is an all-round nice guy
I received some follows on the early version of my Eternus Divum fiction blog at Posterous which I abandoned early last year. This afternoon, I went over some of the material I posted during the span of its existence (January to February of 2011) between Posterous and, resulting in me considering reopening the blog. I’d be thankful if some of you would be willing to head on over and read some of the material, dropping me a line with any feedback an/or suggestions via email or the Keiko Online contact page. If there is enough interest, I will start posting again. As promised in the post that went live on the other blog this afternoon, I will post the missing material posted on the version of the blog regardless as a thank-you to my online buddies.
I have a big day planned for tomorrow, going over all of the old material from Eternus Divum, Picture Fiction and Song Fic fiction blogs. I will be reading at least 30k worth of fiction in different genres, ranging from science fiction to fantasy, drama to horror, and action to intrigue. If Eternus Divum starts up again, I am checking the viability of restarting these other two blogs as well. Of course, restarting SongFic will to check the code allowed for Posterous blogs. Why? For the original SongFic blog I posted widgets containing streaming music from sites such as Jamendo. I hope I am not getting ahead of myself though…


In the health front, I hit 55.4 kg last night. This is the result of many hours on the exercise bike listening to audiobooks and podcasts, on top of somewhat reasonable portions. It will be several months before I hit my sub-50 kg target, but I am already seeing muscle definition on my stomach and legs, the small amount of chin flab having disappeared around the 60 kg mark. I love seeing my efforts finally showing results, but I am still dealing with cravings of junk food, something that has created a challenge for keeping to a healthy diet. Anyway, I am still working towards that goal and will start posting details on my Exercise Diary page again, having stopped updates a couple of months ago.

Hubby and I resubscribed to World of Warcraft just before May, utilizing the annual pass promo to nab a copy of Diablo 3 in the process. And I have to say it is freaking brilliant! Having played all of the previous installments in the franchise, it certainly does live up to the hype. There are still one or two hiccups that Blizzard is working on, such as an annoying log-out bug, but the game was well worth the wait. For those unaware, Blizzard added a “secret” Unicorn level as tribute to the secret Cow level in Diablo 2. It does take a bit of effort, collecting some unusual items to create a reusable key, but once you enter you’ll find a sickeningly sweet psychadelic world filled with psychotic unicorns, teddy bears and flowers. It is hilarious! I still have a way to go before I get up to stage where I can enter a portal without relying on my hubby and gamer friends, but it is one part of the game that I am looking forward to mucking around with.


I posted the following playlists since the last World of Keiko update:

  1. Playlist 04/28/2012
  2. Playlist 05/21/2012
  3. Playlist 05/30/2012
  4. Playlist 06/05/2012
I have had a lot of fun posting the playlist, but haven’t been near as consistent with the posting as I’d like to be. I also wanted to post on my Penzu journal on a daily basis, but I haven’t posted in weeks. *sigh*I did find some useful extensions for the Chrome browser, but have only used one of them once. I have access to a bunch of neat tools, but tend to go back to using simple stuff such as a text file. This may seem strange, but I guess that on a sub-conscious level I anticipate my modem to conk out at anytime. If these services are all cloud-based, then they require the internet. If I am weary of our old hardware, which I am, then I am disinclined to rely on cloud-based services. It is a circular argument, but until we get a replacement modem it will be an issue. A new modem is just one of many things on the to-purchase list. I’d also like a new PC, one with a higher capacity power supply to deal with gaming hardware currently waiting to be installed in my computer.
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