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Playlist 06/05/2012

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Jenny Owen Youngs

Jenny Owen Youngs

This installment of the playlist features some tracks from several bands that I’ve mentioned in previous posts as well as some newbies. Let me know what you think, and don’t hesitate to post some recommendations of your own in the comments section.

  1. Rituals by Balloon Ride Fantasy from Monocle City (EP) Available via iTunes. #indie #alternative
  2. Such Great Heights (Acoustic Cover) by Act of Congress from Cover Up (EP) Available via iTunes as well as part of the AOC-Sampler at Noisetrade. #indie #acoustic
  3. That Beep by Architecture In Helsinki from Moment Bends (Album) Available via iTunes. #indie #electropop #retropop
  4. Folium (hard mix) by DUDELDRUM from DUDELDRUM (album) Available via iTunes and Jamendo. #indie #instrumental #electrofolk
  5. Spiral by Eins, Zwei Orchestra from 100 Colors (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #alternative
  6. 1000 Bulbs by Four Day Hombre from 1000 Bulbs (album) Available via iTunes. #indie
  7. Lives Of Crime by Fruit Bats from Spelled In Bones (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #60s
  8. Come Back Down (with Sara Bareilles) by Greg Laswell from Landline (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #electropop #pianopop
  9. Already Gone by Jenny Owen Youngs from An Unwavering Band Of Light (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #alternative
  10. Rise Up by Jess Hill from Road (album) Available via iTunes. #blues #folk
  11. Nonfiction Love Song by Jillian Edwards from Galaxies and Such (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #acoustic #harmonies
  12. Rescue Me by Jonah Werner from Fight (album) Available via iTunes or as part of the Decade compilation at Noisetrade. #poprock
  13. Yardým Et by Mor ve Ötesi from Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (album) Available via iTunes. #rock #turkishrock [I discovered this band when they performed the song Deli in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest]
  14. Let You Go by Pete Murray from Blue Sky Blue (album) Available via iTunes. #rock
  15. Wings by Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop from Nebula (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #alternative #rock
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