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Review: Genetic Attraction

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Genetic Attraction
Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading a few fantasy and science fiction books, I decided to mix things up with some erotic romance. Genetic Attraction is the follow-on from a book that I still haven’t read yet, but I was pleasantly surprised by Tara Lain’s take on menage romance. Before you read on, please note that the story revolves around two bisexual characters (Jake and Roan) and Jake’s slightly older, long-time female crush. It is an erotic menage (MM, MF, MMF and MFM) romance so expect lots of sex.
Jake has worked as Dr. Emmaline Silvay’s assistant for several years, during which time he’s held a strong physical and emotional attraction. Having discussed the possibility in length with his supermodel boyfriend Roan, he is given the all-clear to pursue a permanent menage relationship with his boss, a woman that has been harbored an attraction to the younger man for almost as long as they’ve known each other.
After Emmaline offers to act as intermediary for the lovers during an awards night, she hits it off with Roan leading to a rather raunchy weekend that leaves Em completely confused. As the drama unfolds, the three must navigate news-hounds looking to snap pictures of Roan, a faculty member that takes pleasure in tearing down others, and Emmaline’s concerns over how her presence will affect the relationship of Jake and Roan.
I grew to adore the three main characters quickly, all three had depth to them that offered something so often lacking in menage romance. The dialogue between the sex scenes was quite entertaining and often tinged with an emotional element. You have a good idea of character motivations from the beginning without an annoying info-dump. (e.g. We know from the beginning that Jake wants to pursue a long-term relation with Em and Roan, rather than just a passing fling.) IMHO, The pacing of the plot was also spot on.
Tara writes some steamy sex scenes that are almost standard fare for the genre, which intensify as the relationship between the three progresses. There is plenty of sex talk between the characters, and though I don’t personally enjoy a lot of this dialogue in books it was appropriate for the three main characters.
Tara Lain writes what is undoubtedly the best menage romance I have read thus far. As my introduction to Lain’s writing, it does bode well for future purchases by this author. She manages to offer that little bit extra for a genre that is beginning to gather more and more interest. So, if you are looking for a good erotic menage romance, then Genetic Attraction is certainly the book to read.

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