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Playlist 05/30/2012

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This installment of the Playlist features some more predominately pop tunes from several rather cool female artists both new and old.

  1. Out of Our Minds by Katie Costello from Lamplight (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #alternative
  2. Love for Long by Jenny Owen Youngs from An Unwavering Band of Light (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #alternative
  3. Bye Bye Darling by Anna Bergendahl from Yours Sincerely (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #pianopop #lovesong
  4. Only If For A Night by Florence + the Machine from Ceremonials (album) Available via iTunes. #earthpop
  5. Gone by Jess Hill from Road (album) Available via iTunes. #blues #folks
  6. Somebody’s Daughter by Tasmin Archer from Great Expectations (album) Available via iTunes. #contemporary #retro
  7. Withdraw by Kimbra from Vows (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #pop #jazz #soul
  8. Fade Like A Shadow by KT Tunstall from Tiger Suit (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #electropop  #alternative
  9. Those Days by Lucy Schwartz from Help Me! Help Me! (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #folk
  10. Green Butterfly by Maria Taylor from LadyLuck (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #pop #folk
  11. One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles from Little Voice (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #pianopop
  12. Cut the Cord by Charlotte Martin from Stromata (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #pianopop
  13. You’re In Love by Wilson Phillips from Wilson Phillips (album) Available via iTunes. #contemporary #retro #lovesong
  14. Background Melody by Blondie from The Curse Of Blondie (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #avantpop
  15. We Shall Burn Bright by Husky Rescue from Ship of Light (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #ambientpop
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