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Playlist 05/21/2012

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Jess Klein

Cover of Jess Klein

For this installment of the Playlist, I’ll be serving up some gems from some rather talented ladies from a variety of genres.

  1. Call Me from Kimbra from Vows (album) Available via iTunes. #jazzpop
  2. This is My Life by Anna Bergendahl from Yours Sincerely (album) Available via iTunes. #popanthem
  3. Any Minute Now from Charlotte Martin from Dancing On Needles (album) Available via iTunes. Pianopop
  4. No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine from Ceremonials (album) Available via ITunes. #anthem
  5. Behind A Veil by Jess Klein from Behind A Veil (album) Available via iTunes and Noisetrade. #coutryrock
  6. Try by Jillian Edwards from Galaxies and Such (EP) Available via iTunes and Noisetrade. #easylistening
  7. My name is trouble by Keren Ann from 101 (album) Available via iTunes, but this track was also featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: April 2011. #indie
  8. 100,000 Times by Maria Taylor from LadyLuck (album) Available via iTunes. #bubblepop
  9. All This Beauty by The Weepies from Hideaway (album) Available via iTunes. #folk #retropop
  10. I can’t make me by Butterfly Boucher from Flutterby (album) Available via iTunes or in Noisetrade Butterfly Boucher compilation Evolution. #poprock
  11. Way Up High from Jess Hill from Road (album) Available via iTunes and Noisetrade. #blues #bluesrock
  12. When Time Was on Their Side by Husky Rescue from Ship of Light (album) Available via iTunes. #indie #retropop
  13. Melancholy Astronautic Man by Allie Moss from Late Bloomer (album) Available via iTunes. #pop #bubblepop
  14. No Shelter by Katie Costello from Lamplight (album) Available via iTunes. #pop
  15. Nemo by Nightwish from Once (album) Available via iTunes. #hardrock #orchestralrock
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