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Playlist 04/28/2012

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Blind Guardian

Cover of Blind Guardian

This week’s selection of 15 songs features some rock tracks from mainstream and indie artists. I’ve tried to stay away from what might be perceived as obvious choices as well, preferring to share new stuff rather than easy songs that receive a lot of air play. Some of you will recognize some older tracks in there as well, stuff I’ve listened to for years. One of the cool things about rock is its tendency for a significantly longer shelf life than say… mainstream pop. That is the beauty of rock. To the music room!

  1. Capricorn by 30 Seconds to Mars from 30 Seconds to Mars (album) Available via iTunes. #futurerock
  2. Leaving Home by Big Scary from Vacation (album) Available via iTunes. #indierock #retro
  3. For Madmen Only by Atomic Opera from Alpha and Oranges (album) Available via iTunes. #hardrock
  4. Valkyries by Blind Guardian from At the Edge of Time (album) Available via iTunes. #epicrock
  5. Andoria by Chronique from A Gate To All Secrets (album) Available via Jamendo. #synthrock
  6. Sunday by Dark New Day from New Tradition (EP) Available via Jamendo. #poprock
  7. Lines by Dead Letter Circus from Dead Letter Circus (EP) Available via Jamendo. #futurerock
  8. Gunpowder Chant by Diablo Swing Orchestra from The Butcher’s Ballroom (album) Available via iTunes & Jamendo. #ethnorock
  9. The Change by Evanescence from Evanescence (album) Available via iTunes. #epicrock
  10. Spirals by Floating Me from Floating Me (album) Available via iTunes. #gothicrock #heavyrock
  11. Cream and Bastards Rise from Harvey Danger from Little by Little (album). Available via Jamendo. #poprock
  12. Battlestar Scralatchtica from Incubus from Make Yourself (album) Available via iTunes. #jazzrock (There are more popular tracks of the album, but Battlestar Scralatchtica holds a certain charm for me.)
  13. Shelter Your Needs by Juliette & the Licks from … Like a Bolt of Lightning (EP) Available via iTunes. #punkrock
  14. Given Up by Linkin Park from Minutes To Midnight (album) Available via iTunes. #hardrock
  15. Missed Me by Matthew Mayfield from Now You’re Free (album) Available via iTunes. #poprock
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