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Music Review: Epic Soul Factory

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It is no secret that I enjoy listening to a diverse collection of music. As somebody that love storytelling, the right music adds to the intensity of the action taking place and my connection with whichever world I am engrossed in at the time. It is a curious thing that sound can have have such an impact on the listener, which is one of the major reasons why film and television creators pay special attention to the music used in their projects.

Last year, I found a gem on JamendoEpic Soul Factory – Volume 1 by Epic Soul Factory. It was a lovely collection of 12 film and television inspired instrumental tracks that were a great standalone or accompaniment for the storytelling process. There was such a diversity to the compositions as well, evoking images of foreign (and often mythical) lands and people. The compositions have a slightly European flavor, moving from the dramatic to the subtle with relative ease, taking the listener on an epic adventure. My personal favorite tracks are:

  • Titan (track 2) has some growl to it, evoking action and danger.
  • Sugiriendo Un Crimen (track 11) evokes mischief and mystery, with a playfulness to the composition that is reminiscent of Danny Elfman’s compositions for the likes of Spiderman.
  • The End (track 12) evokes images of the aftermath of a major battle, with the characters taking in the losses of their loved ones. This is likely a motivator for future confrontations against the bad guys.

Their newest release, Epic Soul Factory – Xpansion Edition, came out earlier this year. It longer than the previous album, with 20 new songs that . This made room for some more futuristic sounds as compared to the previous. It covers more ground culturally as well, incorporating Asian and Middle-Eastern inspired musical landscapes into the fold of an already impressive catalog of music. My personal favorite tracks are:

  • The Lost World (track 1) mixes the Asian and the European, evoking images of a dramatic journey for our brave adventurers.
  • Moonlit Night (track 11) evokes a scene of beauty and love.
  • Limitless (track 14) is such a beautiful song, starting out slowly and building up. It evokes of a wondrous adventure coming to an end – happily.

Epic Soul Factory – Volume 2 was released in late 2011. You can purchase this album via the following online music vendors:

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