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Review: The First Bride

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The First Bride
The First Bride by Sofia Hunt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The scenario begins with Lizzie Prescott arriving in Port Steele with her younger sisters, in the hope of escaping her diabolical Uncle and the perverse interest of her rather disgusting former brother-in-law. All of the women on board the ship have signed a contract to marry one of the workers within a year otherwise they will have to pay for the trip, but Lizzie doesn’t intent to lose her freedom again, having been tormented by her now deceased husband.
Logan Gallagher and his younger brothers run one of two lumber businesses in the region. Bringing the first of hopefully numerous boatloads of potential wives is meant to boost the moral of his employees. He is immediately attracted to the outspoken Lizzie. In spite of her mutual attraction to him, her past has lead her to believe that she is anything but desirable. Then she meets the second eldest Gallagher brother, Gage.
She has to contend with her mutual attraction to both brothers, whilst also negotiating the bitchy Constance, a woman vying for the role of spokeswoman of the brides-to-be, and the newly arrived stranger that has taken to spying on her. Complications abound, and all the while she is finding her affections for both men growing.
Going into this read, I anticipated a Historical MFM Erotic Romance, something that it managed to achieve for the most part. The language from page one let the reader know what they were in for. That being said, sex scenes (apart from some female masturbation scenes) didn’t arrive until after the halfway point, an oddity for Erotic Romance. These scenes involved folatio, sex toys, light BDSM, threesomes and double penetration- all standard fare for the menage genre.
Although I liked the main characters for the most part, some things about Lizzie seemed contradictory. I also found that her relationship with the two Gallagher brothers lacked much chemistry beyond sexual attraction. Some plot lines weren’t taken advantage of either, which annoyed me.
This novella does manage to succeed as a Historical Erotic Romance for the most part, but it felt like numerous options were brushed over, thus missing out on numerous possibilities and my lowered rating.

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