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Playlist 03/18/2012


Cover of "Human After All"

Cover of Human After All

This week I am posting 15 songs that speak of another world and another time. They range from Instrumental, New Age, Folk, Electro, Pop, Rock and their associated sub-genres.

  1. Voyage I – The japanese garden by The Kyoto Connection from Alternarama (album) Available via Jamendo. #chillout
  2. Four Walls by Charlotte Martin from Veins (EP)
  3. Bo by Moon & Sun from Where the Wild Things Are (album) Available via Jamendo and iTunes. #folk
  4. Cafe Europa by Deep Forest from Boheme (album) Available via iTunes. #dance
  5. Folium by Dudeldrum from Dudeldrum (album) Available via iTunes. #world
  6. Eyes Closed by Chill Carrier from Awakening (album) Available via Jamendo. #space #chillout
  7. Pavan and Gaillards by Arnaud Condé from Concerto Grosso (album) Available via Jamendo. #classical
  8. Robot Rock by Daft Punk from Human After All (album) Available via iTunes. #disco
  9. Thème principal : The Bladed by Arnaud Condé from Velvorn : The Bladed Druid – Act 1 Soundtrack (album) Available via iTunes. #classical
  10. The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour from Fruit (album) Available via iTunes. #jazz
  11. Big Sky by Ian Tamblyn from Magnetic North (album) Available via iTunes. #folk
  12. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox from Ultravox: The Collection (album) Available via iTunes. #synthpop
  13. White Owl by Josh Garrels from Love & War & The Sea In Between (album) Available via Bandcamp and iTunes. #folk
  14. Walking The Dog by Fun from Aim and Ignite (album) Available via iTunes. #indiepop
  15. You were on fire by Keren Ann from 101 (album) Available via iTunes. #indie
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