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Playlist 03/13/2012

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Aurora (Nico Touches the Walls album)

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After a 2-week break, I am back with a collection of 15 Asian and Asian-inspired tracks.

  1. ou-hito by nagisa.f from nagisa.f Introduction (album) Available via Jamendo. #jazz #piano
  2. Stay With You by Capsule from Player (album) Available via iTunes. #electropop
  3. ホログラム by NICO Touches the Walls from オーロラ (Aurora) [album] #jrock
  4. Give Take by Akina Nakamori from Diva (album) #electropop
  5. Secret Ocean by Hiroumi from Kokoro No Furyoku (album) Available via Jamendo under Hiroumi or iTunes under Secret Ocean. #folkrock #acoustic
  6. It’s Gonna Rain! by Bonnie Pink from Every Single Day (Disc 1/2) [album] #jpop
  7. Changes (album version) by Base Ball Bear from (WHAT IS THE) LOVE & POP? [album] Available via iTunes. #jpop
  8. SIGNAL by Phrenia from Phrenia [EP] Available via iTunes and Jamendo. #jpop
  9. Kaze ni Fukarete by Under the Counter from Don’t Look Back (album) #jpop
  10. A-Cha from Super Junior from A-Cha – Mr. Simple (Repackage) [album] Available via iTunes. #kpop #dance
  11. Kiss by Top Combine from Arrival (EP) #mandopop
  12. Field of dreams by Do As Infinity from Gates of Heaven (album) #jpop
  13. I Remember You by YUI from CAN’T BUY MY LOVE (album) #jpop #easylistening
  14. Spiral by Angela from Land Ho (album) #synthpop
  15. The Prisoner by The Kyoto Connection from The Kyoto Connection II (album) Available via Jamendo. #world #electro
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