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Playlist 02/22/2012


For this next playlist of 15 tracks, I’ll be posting from across the spectrum of electronic music. This ranges from electro-pop, synth-pop, electro-rock, and several other sub-genres from across the globe. This time around, I’ve even added some tags at the end of each listing to make it easier to find the artists and their awesome music online.

  1. Holiday by Swimming with Dolphins from Water Colors (album) Available via iTunes. #synthpop
  2. New World Order by Art Vs. Science from The Experiment (album) Available via iTunes. #electrorock
  3. Mirrors by Gemini Club from Future Tidings EP (album) Available via iTunes. #electrorock
  4. Time to Wander by Gypsy & The Cat from Gilgamesh (album) Available via iTunes. #electropop
  5. See Right Through Me by Intuition from Berlin Sky (album) Available via Bandcamp. #vocoloidpop
  6. On The Wing by Owl City from Maybe I’m Dreaming (album) Available via iTunes. #electropop
  7. Climbing Walls by Strange Talk from Strange Talk (EP) Available via iTunes. #electropop
  8. Shut Up and Explode by Boom Boom Satellites from Exposed (album) #electrorock
  9. Tragedy by Celldweller from Tragedy (single) Available via iTunes. #electrorock
  10. Four Walls by Charlotte Martin from Veins (EP) Available via iTunes.  #synthpop
  11. Beautiful Flow by Chill Carrier from (album) Available via Jamendo. #spacepop #nujazz
  12. Play by Cyber Snake from Dolls & Lovers (album) Available via iTunes.  #eurodisco
  13. Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop by Dosh from Wolves and Wishes (album) Available via iTunes.  #triphop #chillout
  14. Blue Star by Greg Baumont from Wood (album) Available via iTunes. #vocoloidpop
  15. Lliendes by Xera from Lliendes (album) Available via Jamendo. #electrofolk
Feel free to leave some comments about this playlist. I also welcome suggestions for next week’s selection and beyond, as well as any new music you think I might find worthy. Until next time!
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6 thoughts on “Playlist 02/22/2012

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  2. Just got the swimming with dolphins album water colours. Its excellent.

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