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Book Review: Trapping a Duchess by Michele Bekemeyer

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Trapping a Duchess
Trapping a Duchess by Michele Bekemeyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trapping a Duchess begins with the future Duke of Toland, Andrew, being left at the isle by his seventeen year-old fiancee, Sophie. Seven years later, Andrew returns from America and meets a newly redeemed Sophie who hopes they can effect some civility in spite of the scandal. Instead of feeling anger at her previous rejection, he quickly finds himself attracted to her and vice versa. So begins a rather amusing game of seduction by the somewhat experienced gentleman.
Trapping a Duchess is a wonderful introduction to both the Regency Romance genre and Michele Bekemeyer‘s writing. The relationship is played out with comedic dialogue and circumstances, progressing at a worthy pace while the clock for the end of the season when she will be forced by her brother to marry someone clicks by. The sex scenes are both spicy and charming, with an emotional component that added to the story as a whole. The rest of the cast offered plenty of guidance for the pair, with the odd few added some elements of drama such as a certain bitchy gossip. *cough-cough*

You can download the podcast version of Trapping a Duchess via podiobooks or via the feed on the author’s website. You can also snag a print copy by visiting the amazon page or a signed copy by visiting the author website.

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