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Book Review: From Dirt to Diamonds by Julia James


From Dirt to Diamonds (Harlequin Presents
From Dirt to Diamonds (Harlequin Presents by Julia James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn’t read the synopsis before I started reading this novel, which is just as well given how misleading it was. I wasn’t expecting the the male protagonist, Angelos, to be such an arrogant and presumptuous ass, or the heroine, Kat/Thea, to be so raw. It reminded me of “My Fair Lady”, for about five seconds… You need conflict for there to be resolution, to which this story had an abundance.
The story began as a sort of revenge tale, but it became apparent that the division between these two characters stemmed from a misunderstanding that quickly ballooned into a natural disaster spurred on by Angelos’ over-reaction and unwillingness to uncover the truth in the first place. This led to Angelos destroying Kat’s life because he thinks she was using him to advance her career.
This background paved the way for character development on account of the revelations Angelos and Kat/Thea discover upon going to the Swiss Alps. The discovery that mistakes were made and that they wasted five years of their lives hating each other for no good reason.It gives room for these two difficult protagonists to forgive each other, room for Angelos to attempt to make amends after the great misunderstanding led to him destroying Kat’s life. The two will need to forgive each other before they are able to move on and find the happiness they so desperately desire.
This is not a typical romance novel, which is what made “From Dirt to Diamonds” so refreshing a read. It doesn’t tone down the darker elements to pander to the more delicate reader. Bad things sometimes happen, but it is what we do next that determines who we are as individuals. Are we strong enough to let go of the pain and anger or will we wallow in the mire?
Just in case anyone is interested, there was a single love scene in this novel. It was pretty intense and IMHO well worth the lead-up because of the emotional elements.

[N.B. This title was also released under the Mills & Boon Modern Romance line.]

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