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World of Keiko 12/13/2011

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I have been a bit quiet of late. For those interested in what I’ve been up to, I will try to make it quick:

  • Short Story Writing: I posted the first draft of a little sci-fi short on my blog entitled The Order on the 24th of December. Not much, but it has been months since I posted last. So far, I have received some feedback that will be used in subsequent rewrites.
  • World-building: I have put some projects on hiatus for a bit (more specifically “Stray”) to focus on some other stuff. I have gained some momentum while working on the fantasy world of Corallia, but have been going back to Aarde (fantasy multiverse) periodically and White Noise (sci-fi / superhero) infrequently. I will post details when these worlds are more complete.
  • Writing: I had originally planned to start drafting after plotting out some projects during November.  However, due to some issues with gaps in the world-building department, I have decided to put drafting until after the New Year. Why? Because I want to test the theory that a complete world can make the drafting process significantly easier. It makes sense, especially given that you aren’t playing catch up. However, only time will tell how well this goes.
  • Reading: I have read a number of romance and erotica titles in recent times, mostly for research. The stuff I haven’t reviewed is because I am a bit too shy to let folks in on that part. (Girl’s gotta have her secrets, ya know?!!) I reviewed two Mills & Boon Modern Romance titles: Fiancee for One Night by Trish Morey (explicit sex scenes) and Under the Brazilian Sun by Catherine George (character-driven). I haven’t really felt like listening to any podcast novels or audiobooks in ages, so it might be a while before I finish the backlog. Sorry to those looking for reviews promised some time back. I doubt I would be able to give constructive feedback on your work given the crazy moods I’ve been in of late.
  • Anime: I finished Ouran High School Host Club last week and reviewed it about an hour ago. Next stop: Fruits Basket!
  • Health: My sleeping patterns have been all over the place for the past few months. My body chemistry is a mess. Not sure if it is due to recent weight loss or not. Losing a few kilos would go a long way to getting my health back on track. Mild pun? Why yes it is. 🙂

So, nothing world-changing. The world keeps moving, and I have to move with it. No standing still for this woman. No, Siree!


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