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Anime Review: Ouran High School Host Club

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A few weeks back, I finished

The Host Club dressed as caterers. From left t...

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. The series is one of the funniest anime series I have seen. It is a bit bizarre at times, but I found the characters lovable and interesting enough to watch the entire series in only a few days. I would add though, that the show probably won’t appeal to folks sensitive about cross-dressing and/or homosexuality.

Ouran High School Host Club is the story of Haruhi Fujioka, a middle class girl that has managed to get into the prestigious Ouran Academy on a scholarship. In the first few weeks of the school year, Haruhi wanders into what she believes to be an abandoned music room for peace and quiet for study, and is immediately greeted by the Host Club. She is mistaken for a boy because of her clothes and accidentally breaks an expensive vase during her attempt to escape the rather touchy-feel (and in her opinion, annoying) Tamaki Suoh, the president of the club. As compensation, she is roped into doing chores for the club. It doesn’t take long before she is playing host as “The Natural” to lots of stupid rich girls. And did I mention that it takes the lads an entire episode to work out Haruhi is a chick? 😀

Host Club: A club where each host plays a role (they are essentially impromptu actors) that is used to draw the customer in. In the case of Ouran High School Host Club, these hosts are a band of teenage boys that entertain the girls at lunch times.

Haruhi is kind to others, but knows bullsh*t when she sees it. Incidentally, Haruhi is oblivious to the interest of the males around her but not females. (I would add that although it isn’t directly stated in the series, I believe that she is heterosexual. However, she does give a speech in the first episode about her views on gender soon after Tamaki discovers that Haruhi is a girl.) She enjoys playing a boy at the host club as it meets social and psychological needs. She cares about the rest of the members, which she considers her friends.

Haruhi is a raised by her drag queen father, Ranka, a man that still misses her mother deeply and is overprotective of his daughter. Tamaki and Ranka have very similar personalities, which results in Ranka physically assaulting and demeaning the young man at every opportunity. The other host members joke about how well Haruhi deals with Tamaki’s peculiar behavior, pointing out that it is because he is so similar to her father. Throughout the series, we learn quite a bit about Tamaki, discovering some reasons why he acts that way that he does, and as talented as he is in charming females, he is absolutely clueless when it comes to his feelings for Haruhi. This is an important element of the anime, and makes for some rather funny scenes.

The show will appeal to folks with a twisted sense of humor and some experience watching those silly high school dramas. It turns gender on its head whilst at the same time poking fun at anime, manga and dating sims. And just when you think the show might be getting serious, they throw something disturbing or silly into the mix, making for an entertaining watch. There is an exception for the last few episodes, but this is made up for in the last few scenes of the final episode. The show has a nice plot progression, character development, reasonable action sequences (when they did pop up),

Rating 9/10

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