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Book Release: KAT AND MOUSE, GUNS FOR HIRE by Abner Senires


For well over a year now, I’ve been following the action-packed sci-fi webserial, Kat and Mouse by Abner Senires. A few weeks back, the author let his readers know via blog that he now had a release date for his upcoming book release entilted KAT AND MOUSE, GUNS FOR HIRE on Monday, May 2nd. I was pretty stoked to hear the awesome news because I really dig the characters, the gritty world setting, action sequences, gadgets and gizmoes.


2042. Bay City, California Free State.

Kat and Mouse are ronin–street mercenaries–who like cake runs. Simple jobs with quick and large payouts.
That’s what these were supposed to be. Cake runs.
But when the Duo sign on, they suddenly find themselves targeted by a biker gang, a team of corporate commandos, a cybernetically-enhanced special ops agent, a stalker, a band of kidnappers, and a Japanese crime syndicate.
And they all want the Duo out of the way. Permanently.

Now these sassy sisters-in-arms must survive the onslaught and still get the jobs done. Because in the Biz, it’s get paid or get dead.
As usual, Kat and Mouse are going to do things their way.

Heaven help Bay City.

You can pick up a copy wherever good books are sold. Pre-order your copy today!


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4 thoughts on “Book Release: KAT AND MOUSE, GUNS FOR HIRE by Abner Senires

  1. And my many thanks for passing the word.

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