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World of Warcraft: The End of an Era

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Today, I sent out the last of my gear and cash to a friend on the Saurfang server. It was the end of an era of 5 years spent playing the game, a time of both chaos and joy. I made friends, many of which moved on to other games and communities, but those connections made all of the difference. I enjoyed my time there for the most part, but over the years, I have seen some really disgraceful behavior from a number of people that made me question whether or not it was the best place to do gaming.

Case in point: Just before logging out for the last time, I sent out a yell, offering my thanks for the good memories. This was immediately met with people telling me to piss off and other related insults. Why, if someone is being polite and courteous, should people be so rude? Seems a bit strange to me, and removed any feeling of grief at leaving my toons behind. That being said, I did have some nice whispers come in from several folks in Stormwind, which was wonderful. It was more than I expected for the that time of day.

So, what is in store for me? Well, earlier this month, my husband and I made accounts on the North American grouping of Rift MMO servers. I wasn’t sure if the trailers and gameplay videos would meet up to my expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. In conclusion, we were both excited enough to drop our WoW subscriptions. I also started a growing, social defiant guild on the Estrael server. For those interested, I will be posting a review of the game in the next day or so.

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