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When most mainstreamers think about MMORPG gaming, the first thing that comes to mind is… well, mindless clicking of buttons. It is this stereotype that has led to many missing out on what could be a great time spent gaming with friends and family. However, this image is not helped by lazy gamers that are exceptions to the rule of what a typical gamer looks like.

Most gamers are pretty normal folks, coming from a wide array of different backgrounds. They are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, doctors, nurses, construction workers, mechanics, etcetera… The only difference between a gamer and non-gamer is the inclination to learn and play a game.

For example, I know quite a few couples that game together as a cheap hobby that also offers socialization through guilds, raid and dungeon parties. I’ve known folks in mining communities that use gaming as a way to break away from the monotony of crazy shifts that bring them home at weird times. I know sons that play with their dads during fortnightly visits.

There is a great distinction between hardcore and casual players as well. While hardcore players spend vast amounts of time stat-crunching their characters and spending vast quantities of time gaming each week, the casual gamer tends to be limited on how much time and/or money they can spend on gaming. The second category of gamer will most likely be attracted by free-to-play games that offer extra bling via a micro-payment system. Though casual gamers are becoming more common, subscription-based games are still as popular as ever.

The fact is, that stereotypes of what a gamer looks like is the product of antique ideas from as far back as the mid-80’s. And if you are basing images off the likes of Revenge of the Nerds, perhaps you should step back a bit and return to reality where people are more than some two-dimensional character from a silly T-an-A flick. Throw stereotypes out the window, because it is time to enjoy some gaming dammit!

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4 thoughts on “The Modern Gamer

  1. nice post .
    come check me out im hoping to make a blog about gaming

    • What areas of gaming will you be focusing on?
      I highly recommend you download the Zemanta plugin if you plan on blogging on a regular basis. I would also disable the categories feature on the Motion theme, using the widget instead to cut down on clutter. If you haven’t done so already, preview the blog in zBench, Fusion and Elegant Grunge themes to see how you like the appearance. They are a bit more formal, but one of them might appeal to you.

  2. I used to consider myself a hardcore gamer. It’s just finding time is damn near impossible. Stupid real life!

    When I think of MMO’s, I don’t think of mindless clicking. I think of gleefully losing myself in an alternate universe. The only problem is, I don’t wanna come back to reality and end up caving myself in my house for months. This is why I refuse to play them anymore–too addicting. Although the force is strong with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    • One of the dangers with any good MMO is losing yourself in the game, resulting in missed appointments, work and writing. When I first started playing WoW, I stopped writing for about 9 months and it I’ve only just got back into a steady writing routine. The key will always be self-awareness. If you have enough awareness of the consequences of excessive gameplay, you can make informed decisions and maybe force yourself off the computer to get other stuff done.

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