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iPhone App Review: Steampunk Tales Issue Free #01

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I now have an iPhone 3GS, which gives me the chance to try out some neat applications from the broad spectrum currently available via the iTunes store. Of these, I have decided to download a few books and magazines that I will be reviewing in time. This time around, I will be reviewing the introductory issue of Steampunk Tales, available free as a sort of awesome preview of things to come.

The first four parts of G.D. Falksen‘s An Unfortunate Engagement comprising this free introductory issue are available via an easy-to-use user interface. The settings allow you to change stuff like your font, font size, reader style (landscape or portrait), page turn sound (on or off), and a choice of 9 retro steampunk paper backgrounds). Changing between one page of a chapter to the next was your standard flick across the page. Bringing up the main options (Index, Settings & About) was as simple as tapping the middle of your page, then clicking your preferred cog-like button. The look of the buttons, paper choices, artwork and general layout of this issue adds to the experience, but doesn’t distract the reader from the contents within.

My only complaint with this application was that I didn’t have a voucher to buy more issues which cost around the cost of a coffee at McDonalds. Based on what I’ve seen on the website, each issue features 8 pieces of work, of which there has already appeared several mini-series and of course, J.D. Falksen’s ongoing serial. If the long list of familiar authors is anything to go by, then the paid issues will most certainly rock.

Writers: Accepted stories are paid by way of 4% of the revenue provided by the issue their work appears in. Although Steampunk Tales is currently not accepting new submissions, I suspect they will open up again sometime soon.

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