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World of Keiko: 01/31/2011

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The past week has been oddly subdued in spite of a few major decisions made out of necessity. I decided to dump my word count journal for Ironside because the workload between all of my projects was beginning to teeter on the edge. I knew that something would eventually fall by the wayside, but I am not too worried about ditching Ironside because it was more of a passing thought anyway. That being said, I still have some ideas of where to take the story when I eventually go back to the manuscript.

The three primary weekday fiction blogs are still going strong in spite of a roleplaying games getting in the way mid-way through last week. I have a few min-serials amongst them, though I am really digging one in particular, a Young Adult Sci-fi story entitled Remnant. I like the characters and am beginning to see something epic bubbling just below the surface. The genre is different from the stuff that I usually write, but 2011 is a time for trying new things and learning more about who I am as a writer.

I submitted for the first time to #flashfriday last week. Although I haven’t received a lot of feedback for Master, I did come across some neat fiction blogs from other regulars. I highly recommend that you guys head on over to see the list, because there is a lot of sweet fiction to be read and some really awesome writers to discover. If any of you decide to join in, then don’t hesitate to drop me a line so I can leave some feedback to your work.

The last thing of note for the week, is that I inherited my husband’s iPhone 3GS. I am still getting used to the UI, but I have already downloaded a few worthy free applications that I intend on testing out. Most have a strong focus on literature, both reading and writing, but I’ve also thrown on a few interesting little educational programs.

Words were written, some stuff was learnt, but best of all, my friends and family stayed safe. In this regard, I find myself truly blessed. Sadly, some people in the world cannot say the same. In spite of viewing ourselves as evolved and civilized beings, mankind still indulges in negative behavior.

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