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World of Keiko: 1/2/2010

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It has been another rough week chock-full of changes that will no doubt lead to an overall improvement in my creative well-being. While some are simple, others will lead to vast improvements in my writing skills and planning. I could go on about how I believe my recent choices will affect me, but suffice it to say, I am happy with the changes.

New year’s eve was spent at home writing in an evening that had managed to scare off rain-clouds. I could hear a party some distance away, squealing tires of a fool doing burn-outs up the road, and the occasional sound of fireworks going off.

As I typed away, sweat dripped down my arm leaving me more than a little annoyed. I’d hoped for an evening of low humidity, but my clothes acted like a sweat sponge. It wasn’t an ideal moment, but at least it was true to the nature of Queensland’s summer. On a good note, I don’t have to be so cautious of snakes, something I had to do back where I lived a few years ago.

As for resolutions, I will be posting some goals in a priority list in the next few days. Tomorrow is out due to roleplaying games with some friends. However, if I don’t get around to it by Wednesday, I encourage you guys to either heckle or drop me a line. Yes, I did just give you permission to harass me.

In conclusion, I’ve been busy planning away and doing stuff to get closer to achieving my goals. It should enable me to improve my overall writing skills and learn other stuff as a result. It will take work and discipline on my part. It will also mean more exercise and the return to a healthy diet to work off all the flab I gained over Christmas and then some.


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