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Setting Goals for 2011 and Beyond


Happy new year! I would like to thank the many friends I’ve met over the past few years for their help and support. I appreciate the time you’ve spent urging me on with writing and other stuff. I consider you part of my extended family.

It is because of you guys that I’ve challenged myself to a bunch of stuff. I’ve already mentioned a lot of the stuff, but in time I will reveal more of the plan, probably in the form of a resolution list. Most of my goals relate to writing, but each project requires specific research needs. When I do post my list on this blog, I will need to break down my goals in further detail. This

Lists give you a textual visualization of the things we’d like to achieve and allow us to begin formulating a real plan of attack for those individual goals. In the past, I haven’t done near as much goal-setting as I would like, but it is essential that I begin to make more organized plans.

What is on your priority list leading into 2011? If you haven’t already considered this question, it might be worth considering and writing down. Don’t limit your goals to just 2011 either, because most goals tend to be life-changing. Dare to think big!

If you have already posted your goals online, don’t hesitate to post a link in the comments section. Allow your readers to act as your support network during the long journey ahead. Don’t hesitate to draw from the strength that your extended family offer.


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