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Writing Diary: 12/31/2010

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Remember the Milk
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I rediscovered a number of useful websites while culling some from Google Bookmarks today. The nature of two in particular has inspired me to set up some regular tasks on my Remember the Milk account. Every weekday, I intend to add at least a paragraph to Ironside, a novel that I started a journal for today over at Word Count Journal. This will allow me to at least add to a story that isn’t already tainted by bad blood or heavy world-building. I will effectively be starting from scratch. You can follow the story by visiting: Each day, I will start posting thoughts and ideas over at 750words (, capturing anything and everything that comes to mind. The challenge is to regularly journal thoughts, ideas and experiences, something that I need to get into the habit of doing. Much of what I post on the account will be posted on my wordpress blogs, but I am sure there will be some personal stuff that I will keep to myself. So, what does this mean for my mental health and creative well-being? It means that I will be busier, but not unmanageably so. It also means that I will have a small side project to keep my mind fresh on days when Elven Gunslinger and Valiance Chronicles wear me down. As for the journaling, I able to write whatever comes to my head. After it is written down, I can post anything useful on my blog/s and post the more personal stuff to my Red Notebook software.

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