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Weekly Video: Voice in the Dark by Blind Guardian

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Blind Guardian; Paris 1. Oct 2006

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I’ve been a fan of Blind Guardian for years. My first experience of their music were from a release based around the Arthurian myths and legends. It grabbed my attention and I decided that is was imperative to find more of their songs. I’ve never looked back.

These guys love their fantasy and are able to adapt these stories to rock compositions that often utilize orchestras that give the music a more epic appeal. Whether it is the retelling of the legends of King Arthur or the Lord of the Rings, these guys go the extra mile to bring these stories to life. They occasionally do covers of other artists, compositions for computer games such as Sacred 2 and films like In the Name of the King: a Dungeon Siege Tale fantasy movie, as well as the infrequent standalone song, but it is their adaptations of popular fantasy fiction that has managed to garner a significant following in recent years.

The linked song is the ninth track from Blind Guardian’s newest release At the Edge of Time, which is based on Robert Jordon‘s Wheel of Time series. This action-packed drama goes well with the CG used for the film clip as well as a few actors to play out some of the scenes. I quite like this dramatization though I suspect I may have to reacquaint myself with the series.

P.S. Just as an interesting note, Brandon Sanderson of the Writing Excuses podcast has written the last few books in the series. I imagine he must felt honored to play in the world that Jordon built.

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