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Writing Diary: Cutting the Crap

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When you start out in social networking and blog subscriptions, it is easy to make mistakes. For me, it was willy-nilly follows and pointless, non-interactive friendships that have often led to spam and harrassment. It took up time and resources dealing with all of these influences as well, time better spent reading, writing, researching and making meaningul relationships with friends, family and people in the industry.

Over the last fortnight, I’ve been hard at work trying to consolidate my time and resources as a way to become more productive and happier with my writing efforts. What I first believed to be a simple task has now blown well out of proportion, with me unsubscribing to large amounts of newsletters, RSS feeds, and bookmarks, as well as the establishment of a schedule for reading, writing (fiction and blogging) and education.

It has been exhausting to say the least, and I am still hard at work looking for ways to cut back on other pointless behavior. I am still going through my twitter follows and will soon move on to my facebook account, trying to weed out people that I don’t interact with. It is a huge job, but it is worth it, if for no other reason than to unclutter my life.

I know that by making these changes to my life I will be freeing up my time for the things that I find important: reading, writing and interpersonal relationships. I will still have to put in time and effort towards my writing endeavors, but this process should cut down the time spend going through emails and feeds that I no longer see a purpose for.

Why filter them out when you can unsubscribe and delete them out of existence? Kick those suckers to the curb because they aren’t contributing anything to my life. Though these elements may have meaning to others, they just aren’t working out for me and I won’t continue on with the stupidty any longer. Hell no – I’ve got better things to do with my time!


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