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Book Review: Fool’s Paradise by Jennifer Stevenson

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Genre: Romance/Comedy

I’d like to start this review by saying that I don’t read a lot of romance. However, when I was given the opportunity to read Fool’s Paradise, I decided to check out Jennifer Stevenson‘s take on the genre. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t reading a simple kissy novel. I soon found myself giggling at her playful use of wit and cliche to tell the story.

Fool’s Paradise begins with Bobbyjay Morton being called out to the lake from his shift at a local opera house to deal with a problem that may very well jeopardize his grandfather’s upcoming campaign to become union leader. As the family whipping boy, he is charged with the task of making the problem go away. However, he doesn’t count on Daisy Ditorelli turning up to find her grandfather’s beloved classic filled with smelt. When her grandfather arrives and tries to shoot the lad, Daisy steps in to save the day, telling the monarch of the Ditorelli family they are engaged. What begins as a simple lie to keep her Goomba from killing Bobbyjay, leads to numerous problems as the pair try to keep up the guise of an engaged couple. It also offers an opportunity to stop a feud that has been going for over four decades between the Mortons and the Ditorellis.

Daisy and Bobbyjay are great leads for the novel, bringing sanity and intelligence to two families filled with moronic males. The chemistry between the pair played out naturally, and I found myself cheering them on from the sidelines. I wanted them to make the finish line because they are both genuinely likable characters. I also wanted their families to realize the folly of the feud and quit being idiots. The satisfying conclusion wraps things up nicely, yet you know that the path won’t necessarily be perfect. However, as a reader and aspiring author I know that Bobbyjay and Daisy are more than a max for whatever obstacles come their way.

You can learn more about Jennifer Stevenson and her fiction by visiting her official website. You can pick up a copy of Fool’s Paradise wherever good ebooks are sold.

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