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Movie Review: – Operation: Endgame

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Operation: Endgame (2010) is a new release action-comedy about a super-secret USA government organization. Fool (Joe Anderson) is set to begin his mission to quickly learn that he has his job cut out for him. Within a short time, the government will tear down the operation, but not before the director Devil (Jeffrey Tambor), is murdered by stationary and Alpha team begins to wipe out Omega as the two rival teams try to find a way out before the self-destruct sequence levels the facility.

When I first saw the film on the shelf at the movie store, I didn’t realize it was anything but a straight action flick, but it became obvious within the first few minutes that I had some amusing dialogue to look forward to. Chariot (Rob Corddry) is given some of the best lines in the film. The amusing dialogue works well with the wonderfully-choreographed action sequences. Even though I suspected who the traitor was at the beginning, it didn’t ruin the rest of the movie. An all-star cast backs up a solid script that is sure to leave you satisfied.


P.S. Just an interesting note. As I was watching the official trailer, I noticed that Devil was wrongly listed as Emperor in the list of Alpha team operatives. However, they should have shown Tower (Brandon T. Jackson) instead, and listed Emperor (Bob Odenkirk) in Omega team instead.

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