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Writing Diary: Elven Gunslinger (Part 1)

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For those of you that have been following my facebook and twitter feeds, you will most likely know that I’ve been working on a series called Elven Gunslinger. Earlier this week, I made an important decision regarding the direction of the story, which began when I started working on what was originally intended to be the prologue. I say “originally” because I’ve now decided to turn it into the first of several short stories that lead up to the first novels. I have done the basic outlines for each of these, though it still needs more expansion. The following is a list of the first 5 short stories, though this is subject to change:

  1. Gilanthos: The story follows the events that lead up to Lise’s village being fried by Ellesandra and her demons. It also introduces Jayden Armel, Father Jack’s father and an Argosian named Altan Casheyn.
  2. Cargill: Cargill is the first of 2 stories that go into further details about Jack’s origins and subsequent decision to choose light over darkness. It introduces Tia and Faustus.
  3. Heir of Loma: This is the second part on the origins of Jack. wherein we learn more about his origins and his destiny.
  4. New Cumberland: After Lise runs away from Loma, she finds herself caught up in a magical storm. When she comes to, she learns that she isn’t in Kansas anymore.
  5. McKintry: This is the story of Irving’s mother, an archeologist working on a dig at Sutherland.

The last 2 stories focus more on the pioneers trying to tame the deserts of Vesper, while the others are centered around what remains of the forests. I want to write the stories in this order to offer some comparison between the two regions. This will hopefully give some insight into the cultural differences between several of the races as well. That being said, the ideas aren’t exactly set in stone. More likely than not, the characters and plot direction will likely change in the not-so-distant future. In any case, I will keep posting these updates to let you guys know how things are progressing. Feel free to post links to your own writing blogs in the comments beneath.

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