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Evil Begets Evil, But Creativity is the Bomb!

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Superheroes go shopping

Most people would likely look at me and know that I am not a cold soul. Even when I am angry, I find it difficult to remain in that state for any length of time. This is part of the reason I would probably make the most unsuccessful supervillain in history. I would not work towards world-domination using an army of mutant bunny minions. I wouldn’t order my henchmen to steal the statue of a certain French broad sitting in the New York Harbor while sitting in my head quarters on the moon. No, that just isn’t my style.

For me, negative behavior just drains your energy and causes a knock-on effect that will eventually come ’round to bite me on the arse. If I dislike a set of behavior, I try to avoid that in myself, though I am sure that I fall down on occasion. I don’t rely on others to hold to the same ideals and code as me, but I also hope that the people around me have a similar enough ideas of write and wrong for us to interact on a somewhat civil manner.

I am not a super-villain, nor am I am politician, a religious zealot, a conspiracy theorist or homicidal maniac – I doubt I ever will be. My drives center around learning how to craft a good story. The journey towards that goal brings me a lot of joy and has put me into direct contact with some really cool people. It is quite interesting to note that even though there is slight variation in method, most creatives use these methods to solidify images in their head in an organized manner.

By doing so, it makes it easier for a writer to put pen to paper or hand to keyboard. These sensory and/or mental prompts that range from images, text, film/tv, sounds, emotions, tastes, smells, and/or memories of past experiences, but the key is to get those creative juices flowing, It won’t work guaranteed every time, so a writer has to be able to learn how to get things done in those other times.

So, screw super-villainy! Even if there were no consequences to my actions, I’d be a writer every day of the week. That is what makes me happy.

What brings joy into your life?

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