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Music Review: Christmas Box by Xerxes

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Xerxes (twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube) is the one-man electronic outfit of Norwegian musician Klaus Lunde. A long-time fan since I heard his music on various netlabels, his music ranges from chill-out to down-tempo. He sometimes collaborates with other electronic artists and does the occasional remix, but his trademark is the soul he infuses into each soundbite. Each track has its own character and quickly takes the listener on an at-times emotional journey, making the tunes great listening for creatives dabbling in storytelling. The following review is for the 281st release from the Kahvi Collective netlabel, a long-time electronic music archival community and distributor that also allows for music licensing.

In spite of the title, Christmas Box is not a Christmas album. Though the album was released a while back, it has a great vibe. It is a slight deviation from his usual style, but still has that wonderful storytelling quality. The tracks range from the space drama of Onbase Percentage, action-packed bass boosted space trek of Cleopatra, the awe-inspiring old-school space exploration of First Flight, spooky space vibes of Ghosts, at-times mischievous effervescent console-pops of Jackpot, Jarre-inspired Simple Math, soulful ambiance of Mimmis Song, dark percussion of Moonrider, and ethnic space adventure of Pi. This album is a real treat for electronic audiophiles and is bound to have something for everyone.

You can download Christmas Box and numerous other electronic titles for free by visiting the Kahvi Collective website.



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