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Writing Diary: Beatrix Valiance Vs Lise Gaspard

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I am currently focusing on two stories: Elven Gunslinger and Valiance Chronicles (Beladar setting). Both series are narrated by a strong female character. I love first person point-of-view, but you have to be careful how you write it. There is also the problem of whether to write in past or present tense. I am still learning the craft, but with time and effort I am beginning to learn some tricks.

Anyway, here are a few facts that I’ve learned since taking a small amount of time out to analyze the 2 characters:


  • She is human paragon, which means that every time she fails at something she becomes much stronger.
  • She has a daughter cared for by a Dwarven friend.
  • She is a rogue/thief by trade.
  • Is very careful not to take any unnecessary risks.
  • Is very picky who she sleeps with.
  • Her main goal is to make enough cash so that she can put her life behind her and be with her daughter.
  • The man that killed her husband is trying to do her in. He is also a paragon.
  • Able to adapt to most situations because she is a quick learner.
  • Is fluent in 15 languages. [5 written and 10 spoken]


  • She is an elf, but has the barest knowledge of Elven culture because she was separated from it during adolescence.
  • Her entire village was killed due to the amulet she possesses. Demons are still hunting her because of it.
  • Tends to be too cocky for her own good, which often gets her into trouble.
  • Has baggage related to the loss of her first love.
  • Has no immediate goals other than to make money and keep from dying.
  • She has a phobia of chickens. (I won’t explain it now, but will in future.)
  • She has a deep-seated hatred of outlaw gangs and will kill on sight.
  • Speaks 2 languages: Vespian and Cullean (Elven dialect)


  • Each one lost their first love due to murder.
  • Each have their share of enemies, many of which are related to their past.

That is the results of my recent work on each novel. The intention is to start releasing them as webserials when I have at least 10 installments of each. This number is to give myself wiggle room and to force myself to work on the projects. I am pretty excited about it, but I’ve stopped and started so many times before now, that it seems a bit silly to set a calendar-based deadline. In the meantime, you’ll find drafts over at my fiction blog of a bunch of material, including one that I intend to post later today. If you have any feedback, then don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section of the specific post.

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