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World of Keiko: 11/23/2010


I have quite busy this week. Between reading, writing, exercising, and revisiting classic Star Trek, it has been amazing. It has been a time of productivity and discovery.


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As you might have noticed, I’ve posted a few entries on this blog over the past few days about podcast fiction and some of my new goals. It has come to my attention, that I have neglected so much over the past few years, and this is my attempt to get back into healthy habits. This has lead to the creation of 3 new pages:

  1. Reading Schedule: Podcast, ebook, webserial and print books
  2. Listening Schedule: Music releases
  3. Learning Schedule: Podcast learning materials as well as learning manuals

These 3 pages are a priority list of media I will delve into and will likely review after I’ve ticked them off the list. The basic gist is to learn and to enjoy a variety of media, both new and old alike. I’ve found that over the years, each piece of fiction, music or knowledge adds to one’s understanding of the world around them, helping them to grow and gain perspective.

I’ve also made a few changes to the layout of several blogsites I created in preparation for when I start releasing serial fiction on a regular basis. In the process, I have learned some the benefits of many of the themes that I’d previously discounted.  The four that I’ve really come to appreciate are:

  1. zBench
  2. Fusion
  3. Elegant Grunge
  4. Pilcrow

One of the key things I was looking for during this little experiment, was the ability to make neat hierarchial navigation. The above thing fulfill this requirement nicely. In the case of Pilcrow, it 4 color scheme options that look good when coupled with an nice custom background. However, what is a blog without content? Boring! This is part of the reason I’ve also been using these navigation pages to post information about world-building and character backgrounds. In the process, it has forced me to spend more time expanding on these worlds.


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On the writing front, I’ve been writing more and spending more time on world-building. The projects I’ve been focusing on of late are:

  1. Elven Gunslinger: [World-building and drafting]  The 3rd draft of chapter 1 is nearly complete, with the next 3 chapters mostly planned out.
  2. Valiance Chronicles: [World-building and drafting]  The 1st draft of prologue is now complete, 2nd draft of chapter 1 is nearly complete, but the world still needs a lot of work. All in all, I feel pretty good about the direction the story is headed.
  3. Sandalwood: [World-building and drafting]  The 1st draft of OVA01 chapter 1 is complete, with lots of work needed before I move on. I also spent a bit of time reading the 1st (incomplete) draft of the prologue and chapter 1 for the first novel, as well as fleshed out a few of the characters some more. In the process of these undertakings, the world and the characters have changed dramatically.
  4. SAL-XJ7: [Plotting. world-building and website organization]  In the process of organizing the layout of the website, I started spending time on plotting and world-building.
  5. Navigator Chronicles: [World-building and Website organization]  I am currently in the middle of finishing up the 1st draft of the prologue, with most of chapter 1 and chapter 2 already plotted out. I managed to lock in one important scene in particular, one that will feature in chapter 1.

All in all, it has been very productive. I find my mind returning back to my characters and/or worlds whenever I am not writing. It has led to distraction for the most part, but it is a healthy distraction. Writing is once again the main focus of my non-personal life.



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As you’re probably aware, I’ve been dieting and exercising in the hopes of losing weight and getting fitter. Well, I’ve been making serious headway and am now under 56 kg as a result. My second major hurdle has under a kg to go, but I have a few more kilos after that before I feel content. My key strategies are as follows:

  1. Smaller portions with an emphasis on low carbs and kilojoules.
  2. Keep active even on days I don’t exercise.
  3. Focus on enjoyable, sustainable exercises.
  4. To avoid burnout, ease into exercises.
  5. Don’t be discouraged when weight loss slows down. It sometimes takes a while for you to overcome plateau points, but it is worth the effort.

That is the major stuff covered. Anyway, if you are looking to improve your fitness, know that there are others on the journey with you. There are numerous online communities where you can gain support and resources. They are worth taking advantage of.


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I also started playing around with GreenBox LogoMaker again today. I forget how cool and easy to use the software was. I created a logo for an upcoming publishing company this afternoon, and the guy in charge liked it. I still have a way to go before I become proficient with GreenBox LogoMaker or Inkscape, but I am going to spend some time using the programs and watching tutorials.

There are a few more bits of news for me to divulge, but due to exhaustion I will have to discuss it again sometime in the next few days. Until then, stay happy, healthy, creative and productive!

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  1. Wow, you’ve been busy. Good to hear of the return of Elven Gunslinger! Based on the title alone, I’d like to know more about the Valiance Chronicles.

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