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Podcast Novel Review: Eden by Phil Rossi

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Caption reads "Die Eiche Yggdrassil"...
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Genre: Science Fiction (Psychological with traces of Horror)

Well, I have finally got around to finishing one of Phil Rossi‘s stories, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how well Phil writes. Not only that, but the production qualities were outstanding.  His style was slightly different than McClanahan’s, but I am at a loss to decide whose writing I prefer most.

When former research botanist Malcolm, arrives at prefab Space Station Lola to determine the viability of studies into the enormous space tree dubbed Eden, he begins to notice that things aren’t as they appear on the surface. People are hearing and seeing things, including Malcolm, and it soon becomes obvious that the entire crew on-board are in danger.

This novel is a first-person account by Malcolm into the occurrences leading up to major catastrophe on the space station. It also offers a psychological insight into how people deal with experiencing things out of the scope of scientific classification.One of the things that I really dig about this novel, is that the character isn’t oblivious to the bizarre stuff going on around him. Even though some of the problems could have been addressed by the supporting cast sharing notes about what they were experiencing, you can understand where they are coming from. The story was paced well, and I found that I liked all of the characters on some level. I also liked the way that the author concluded the story, which was a great change from what I anticipated. All in all, Eden was a great introduction to Phil Rossi’s fiction. I will be adding Harvey and Crescent to the reading schedule in the not-so-distant future.

You can learn more about Phil Rossi and his other works by visiting the Crescent Station. You can also subscribe to this novel and numerous other high quality podcast novel titles by visiting

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